Apple’s iPhone Roadmap

Several months ago I began writing this post. I am just now getting back around to finishing it. To go along with the post I did about the future of the iPad, (Apple’s iPad Roadmap)this post looks at the future of the iPhone. There are currently 3 versions of the iPhone available for sale. In the ideal future we would see something like this:

iPhone L (5.3 – 5.5 inches)
iPhone M (4.8 – 5.2 inches)
iPhone S (4.3 – 4.5 inches)

By staggering the iPhone sizes Apple would be re-introducing something it used to do with the iPods. By changing the screen sizes of all the iPhones Apple would be creating a clear distinction between the different models, a good, better, best kind of distinction. While one could argue that screen size alone does not detail the superiority of a particular model it at the least would create different use cases for each model. Today it’s hard to determine the different use cases for the iPhones. It usually just comes down to budget…. and if that’s the case everyone will want the newest or the cheapest. Hence the lackluster sales of this year’s middle tier iPhone; the 5C.

The current rumor mill does point to Apple making a larger iPhone… we’ll just have to wait to see if this pans out.


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