Apple’s iPhone Event – 2014 Edition

All right it’s that time again. Here’s the rumor mill for this one:

  1. 4.7 inch iPhone
  2. 5.5 inch iPhone
  3. 4 inch iPhone (this isn’t really a rumor, but more of an observation. The 5C will move down to the “free” position)
    1. Side-note: This means that the 30-pin connector is finally retired on iPhones. (It would be retired completely if it weren’t for the iPod Classic)
  4. Unveiling of the iWatch (expected to ship next year)
  5. Mobile payments via Passbook.
  6. NFC on the new iPhones to go with mobile payments. (I’ll go out on a limb and bet that if one phone has NFC all 3 models will.)

Here are a couple of things we still don’t know:

  1. What will the camera resolution be?
  2. What will the screen resolution be?
  3. How much will the 5.5 inch model cost?
  4. Anything about the iWatch…

In less than 24 hours we’ll know which rumors were true, and which were bogus.



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